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This dessert gives the term, "this tastes rich" a whole new meaning.

In Chicago there's a restaurant called RPM Steak. Located in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, it's is an updated take on the classic steakhouse that features nearly two dozen different cuts of beef from around the world. I am all about the beef, all about a great steak, but let's skip right to the dessert for the purpose of what I'm writing about.

The RPM Steak 14K Chocolate Cake. This is pure ridiculous that I need in my life. Lathered in both milk AND dark chocolate. this chocolate cake is like no other, this is a one of a kind in taste and look when it arrives to your table. The finishing touch, it is covered in gold leaf flakes. Spoon

For those of you that are interested, yes you can eat gold flakes. Do you remember the alcohol "Goldshlager"? See you survived that, well kind of...Actually Edible gold leaf has no calories or fat, and no nutritional value. So as you eat this RPM Steak 14K Chocolate Cake at a lighting fast pace, at least you don't have to worry about the nutritional value of ONE part of this cake.

So if you are looking for a special night with the loved one, a little steak some wine, and a dessert that could get you out of the jewelry situation..."But honey, there was gold on your dessert!?!?" RPM Steak is you!

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