When driving through Wisconsin you will see plenty of town and restaurant names that you say in your head FIRST before saying out loud...Hey look it's that Muck-wanna-go water tower. That's right, isn't it?

I went through this list provided by JSONLINE 17 words only a true Wisconsinite knows how to pronounce

I THINK I did good, I mean it was all in my head. I believe I've come across maybe less than half of these words before, so I'm probably saying it all wrong anyway.

So let's give this a shot, I will give you 17 words only Wisconsin folks can say properly and you give it a try. Don't worry if you mess up, there's no test at the end...for now.

Waukesha - Been here a half dozen times, so I SHOULD be saying this correctly.


Gillett - Not like the razor

Iola - nope, you said it wrong








Giannis Antetokounmpo - Not even the tv sportscasters that call this dudes games say his name correct. (Milwaukee Bucks star)

Becher Street


So there's just a few of the 17...click the link to get them all. So how did you do? It's ok if you sucked, because when you go to these places or try to say these names in front of Wisconsin folk they are gonna laugh at you regardless.

So grab a PBR, a Old Mud, and raise your can to saying all these words wrong. At least the beer is cold.

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