An eye doctor from Illinois who is 100 years old has no plans on retiring anytime soon.

Some people want to retire as soon as possible. Others rather keep working. There's no right or wrong answer. Whatever makes you happy.

This optometrist from the Chicago area has decided to keep practicing.

According to,

"The 100-year-old doctor will see you now. Northbrook optometrist has no plans to retire."

Dr. Daniel's Nast's wife drives him to work at Mind-Eye Institute twice a week. Most of his patients think he's in his 80's. That's a compliment. He's been practicing for 75 years now.

It's very common for professionals in this field work later in life.

"Nearly 44 percent of licensed, practicing optometrists are age 50 or older, with about 5 percent age  70 or older, according to the American Optometric Association. Still, the association’s president, Dr. Samuel Pierce, said he’s never heard of another 100-year-old practicing optometrist."

He tried retirement once but it just wasn't for him.

"But Pierce said he doesn’t see why an optometrist shouldn’t be able to keep practicing at any age, “as long as they stay current in technology and education and training.” And if an optometrist can do all that, he said, “I think it’s amazing and truly something to be proud of.”

I say good for him.

When do you plan on retiring?

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