Here are 10 things you didn't know about Double T, the new morning guy on The Eagle.

1. Double T can't wear anything without washing it first. The smell and feeling of new clothing freaks him out.

2. Double T was on the Bozo Show 5 times. Bozo was a kids show in Chicago. It was so popular, if you wanted to be in the live studio audience your mom had to send out a ticket request when she was pregnant. He got to go 5 times. One time he got to intro the show by saying, "Welcome to the Bozo Show." He told a joke to Cuddly Dudley (a puppet dog). He got to play two games. Plus, he was an "at home player" for the Grand Prize Game.

3. Double T won't eat anything from the sea. He hates the smell and taste of fish so bad, he won't even sit with someone who is eating if.

4. Double T started college as a Business Major. Yes, it's true. He actually thought he could major in business. Well, that was before he received a D in Accounting I, D in Accounting II, and a D in Statistics.

5. Double T has a cousin who is a Hockey Hall of Famer, but he can't even skate. His cousin is Heikki Riihiranta from Finland. He is in the Finnish Hockey Hall of Fame. Sadly, Double T can't skate.

6. Double T's parents put beer in his bottle as a baby. Sometimes when his family went out to dinner, he would get cranky. His parents would put a little beer in his bottle and he would get in a much better mood.

7. Double T has no skills, except for bags. Don't ask him to be your partner when it comes to games. He's horrible at darts, pool, bowling, video games, golf, tennis, basketball, volleyball, softball, and the list goes on and on. There is one exception. He can throw some series bags.

8. Double T had a band in college. He was the lead singer. The name of the band was The Irritate Vagrants. They played one song at one show and then broke up.

9. Double T never drove a stick shift car. He grew up in the Chicago suburbs and his Dad said he would never drive a stick shift car in rush hour traffic. His family never owned one, so he never learned.

10. Double T went to an One Direction concert. He has a teenage daughter, so he has gone to not one, but two One Direction shows. Hannah Montana too.


The Interrogation of Double T

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