Here we are a week away from the Big Game, are you ready to entertain and feed faces?

Super Bowl Party Food

It's good that The NFL gives us a week off before the Patriots and Falcons battle it out in the Super Bowl. Seriously, if you are throwing a party there is a lot of prep that goes into this.

I think in a lot of situations, the food you serve means more than the teams that are playing. So let's discuss and see how Rockford we can make this.

I put together a list of my 10 Must Have Rockford Foods for Your Super Bowl Party. This will leave your guests full, happy, and telling everyone how awesome your Rockford party was.

  • Prime Rib Sandwiches from Hoffman House
  • Pizza From Lino's
  • Ribs from Chubby Guys
  • Cheese Fries from Beef-A-Roo
  • Ole Salty's Potato Chips
  • Cupcakes from Sugar Jones
  • Burgers from 15th and Chris
  • Beer from Pig Minds
  • Nachos from Mexico Clasico
  • Football shaped cookies from Cookies by Design



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