I got into this discussion the other night about famous athletes from Illinois, and I honestly didn't know some of these people were from here. We will hit on all of them, but seriously the greatest base stealing of all time (just ask him) Rickey Henderson is from Illinois? Crazy!

Let's get right down to it and count them down...Bleacher

Here are the "10 Greatest Athletes From Illinois"

10. Dwayne Wade - This one I knew. Chicago guy, that got to come home and play for the Chicago Bulls at the end of his career.

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9. Kirby Puckett - Grew up watching him play baseball, what a hitter. Also from Chicago.

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8. Rickey Henderson - Here he is. To all you kids at home, just watch.

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7. Shannon Sharpe - Great NFL Tight End, great on the mic too.

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6. Ray Nitschke - Former Green Bay Packer great, hard, HARD hitter. From Elmwood Park, IL.

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5. George Mikan - Seven time NBA Champion with the short, shorts. From Joliet, IL

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4. Jackie Joyner-Kersee - One of the greatest female Olympians of all time, was born in East St. Louis, IL

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3. Isiah Thomas - Not an Isiah fan. He brought the CBA crashing down, no more Rockford Lightning games. Screw him. Oh, born in Chicago.

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2. Otto Graham - Born in Waukegan, IL Otto was a 7 time Champion,5 time Pro Bowler, 10 time All-Pro, 5 time MVP. Yah, he was alright.

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1. Dick Butkus - Chicago tough, Chicago born. Watching old film of Dick still will get you pumped up. His nasty side was NASTY on the field for the Chicago Bears.

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