With Super Bowl LIV coming up in 4 days, I started thinking about last Super Bowl, and the one before that, and the one before that. I decided to research some of the history of the game to see what is so cool about the game.

  1. The Chiefs and the 49ers have never met in a Super Bowl, but this is the second matchup of the two cities in a championship. The Giants beat the Royals in the World Series in 2014.
  2. This is the first time in 50 years the Chiefs have even made an appearance in the Super Bowl. Their last appearance was in 1970 against the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl 4, a game which they won.
  3. This is the 49ers seventh appearance. They played in 5 Super Bowls between 1982 and 1995, winning all 5 games. Their most recent appearance was in 2013, but they lost to the Baltimore Ravens.
  4. The 49ers are in the running to tie up Most Super Bowl Victories with the Patriots and the Steelers at 6 games, if they win of course.
  5. The Chiefs just broke their drought of 49 years. The Detroit Lions, Cleveland Browns, and New York Jets have the longest "not playing in the Super Bowl" droughts. The Lions and the Browns have never even been to the Super Bowl.
  6. The Chiefs are favored to win by all betting sites.
  7. Chiefs coach Andy Reid will be the 24th NFL coach to appear in more than one Super Bowl. In 2005, he led the Philadelphia Eagles, who lost to the Patriots.
  8. 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan is making his debut as head coach. He and his dad are the first father-son duo to make seperate Super Bowl appearances. His dad, Mike Shanahan, was the 49ers offensive coordinator in the 1994 game, and led the Broncos to back the back titles in 1997 and 1998.
  9. Super Bowl LIV will be the first to feature 2 teams with red as their primary color. They sorted it out, Chiefs wearing red jersey with white pants, and 49ers wearing white jersey with gold pants.
  10. 120 footballs are used during the Super Bowl, so as long as the Patriots stay away, they should all be regulation inflation.

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