Looking to spice up the weekend and live on the edge?


So there's pumpkin patches and apple orchards to go to. You could watch the Cubs game or maybe do some fall yard work. But warning, if you plan on taking a French poodle to an opera in Chicago, you're going to jail.

I love states and their goofy laws that have been in place forever. Some of these are so strange it almost makes you want to do them.

Now I don't think law enforcement would truly get on your case or even arrest you for doing most of these, but you would feel pretty bad ass if you tried some.

  • In Normal, IL it is illegal to make faces at dogs - I'm guilty of this for sure, not in Normal.
  • It is illegal to give a pet a cigar - I can avoid doing this.
  • It's illegal to eat in a burning building - Again, easily avoidable.
  • In Chicago, it is illegal to take a French poodle to the opera - Now this just ruined my weekend.
  • In Eureka IL, it's illegal for a man with a moustache to kiss a woman - Eureka!
  • In Chicago, it's illegal to go fishing in your pajamas - I don't fish but do love some PJ pants.
  • It is illegal to give whiskey to dogs - My pups are beer drinkers.
  • It is illegal to mispronounce Joliet as "Jolly-ette" - Guilty.
  • In Ottawa, it is illegal to spit on the sidewalk - I was just there two weeks ago, did I?
  • In Kenilworth, a rooster must stand back 300 feet from a residence if it wishes to crow - Insert your own joke here.

Plan your weekend accordingly, I might advise against the burning building one.





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