Sean Penn, Dr. Seuss, Chuck Berry, Bill Murray and more have done some unthinkable things. When reading the list, I was shocked!

Bill Murray
Ian Gavan, GettyImages

When you are rich and famous, others will pry into your life looking for things you have done. put together a list of 10 Well-Loved Stars That Did Heinous Things.

I was completely flabbergasted. First off, I didn't know that Madonna was once married to Sean Penn, let alone that he tied her up to a chair in 1987 and beat her up for hours!

Eddie Murphy! Dead-beat baby daddy! I knew that he once had a 'thing' with Scary-Spice from the Spice Girls but I didn't know he knocked her up then denied that he was the dad.

Dr. Seuss, he writes kids books... and cheats on his wife who later committed suicide.

But I couldn't quite wrap my head around Mark Wahlberg. Even at the ripe age of 16-years-old, his steroids must have got to him. He once beat a guy so bad that he is now blind in one of his eyes.

I just could not believe it! Will this affect my daily habit of watching "Coming to America" or "Transformers" while reading Dr. Seuss books? Probably not. But... every time I see one of the mentioned on the list, I'll remember they had a very dark past.

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