During a recent conversation, I learned about a tiny little joint in Rockford serving amazing food for over 100 years, that most people don't even know exists.

Rockford's Hidden Gems

This recent discovery started with a Facebook post. We just wanted to know some secret spots that just the 'cool kids' know about. That's when someone told us about this great little diner.

Immediately after we posted the question above, the first reply we got was for the next spot I'm heading to for breakfast or lunch.


Behr Den diner at 1125 Seminary Street in Rockford

I've lived in Rockford for over 25 years and have never heard of this place. I don't even recognize the sign. Turns out that I'm far from being the only one who is not one of the 'cool kids' in the know.


The Behr Den has been serving great breakfasts and lunches to employees and the public for over 100 years. It's unbelievable how a place turning out such good food, as I've been hearing about since we mentioned it on The Steve Shannon Show, can exist so 'underneath the radar for so long.


ROCKFORD: It's time to get into the Behr Den

'Papa Behr' omelettes, baby-sized to huge-sized 'Behrgers' and everything else you'd expect in a true American diner experience. Behr Den is only open Monday through Friday. The very small building sits on Amid Behr Iron & Metal’s 40 acres and apparently you really can drive right past the place and completely miss it.


I spoke with Jim McDowell, the guy who first told us about the Behr Den, and he said the story he knows is that it was just a small little place Joseph Behr started to make sure his employees could get a delicious and affordable meal on workdays.


The Behr Den also has the coolest looking bar stools.

Aaron Wilson

Let's stop sleeping on this place, Rockford. Time to plan a meal at the Behr Den.

Here's a link to their Facebook page. The last post was from 2018, so I don't think they use social media much. You absolutely should post a photo from this place when you go and make sure to tag them #BehrDenRockford. They are also on Instagram.

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