The expression "Like a deer in headlights" generally means a look of confusion or disorientation. Like a deer in who recently found its antlers tangled up in holiday lights.

This particular deer is from California, but we've got plenty of deer hanging around here in Northern Illinois. Maybe we should be on the lookout for festive deer, too.

The deer in Marin County are a common sight in neighborhoods where they take shelter and often feed in people's yards. Lights are part of the territory.

Residents find the photos of this entangled buck to be disturbing.

"Oh my gosh. Ow wow. My goodness," said Claudio Holko.

"I think they didn't secure their lights well. It's dangerous. We're in their land," opined Jill Pennington.

Marin Human first learned about this entangled buck last week. As dangerous as it looks, they say he's probably more annoyed by the lights than in pain.

As antler entanglements go, they have seen much worse.

"We had a deer with a lawn chair wrapped around its head with a hammock net and other pieces of garbage," said Machado.

For this buck, the problem will likely disappear when he sheds his antlers. It's another close call from the intersection of man and nature.

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