Patrick, a young boy from Rockford, Illinois has more weather knowledge than you will ever have.

SPCRockford 1057, or also known as Storm Prediction Center Rockford, may have just become my new favorite weather channel.

Every few days or so, Patrick, or SPCRockford, uploads a new video detailing what is happening in weather in Rockford and across the country.

Patrick has 4 different weather radios, various websites and more to come up with his weather reports.

Candice King, if you are reading this... hire this kid. I'm telling ya now, Patrick will be as incredible at reporting weather as you are some day.

Don't believe me? Here is Patrick's report from yesterday.

Here is Patrick's severe weather update from Feb. 22.

And finally, his Channel's introduction video... which explains all that is new and exciting with his YouTube channel.

Alright, so in that last video, maybe Patrick doesn't have all of his facts straight. But what weather report does?

Patrick, I think you are pretty awesome... keeps sending out your weather reports. I for one, will be watching.