What kind of animal that is now living in Illinois you will not believe.

Strange Animals Coming To Illinois

Over the last couple of years, we have had some strange animals come to Illinois. I am talking about ones that are not normally from around here. Illinois must be a popular vacation spot for them

Chung Sung-Jun
Chung Sung-Jun

Recently, there have been reports of bears, mountain lions, buffalo, and bobcats to just name a few. The other day I read a story about river otters being spotted in Chicago. That is all just crazy to me. The latest sightings involve an animal that I thought would never be seen in Illinois.

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Armadillos Spotted In Illinois

When I think of armadillos, Illinois does not come to mind. Texas is more likely in my thought process. They do not seem like the kind of animals that would enjoy the cold.


According to wildlifeillinois.com, 

"There have been a few hundred verified armadillo sightings in Illinois since the 1990s, mostly in the southern half of the state."


"Armadillos can survive in areas with a constant source of water that have annual temperatures above 28˚F."


"Armadillos are not currently protected by the Illinois Wildlife Code."


What To Do If You Spot An Armadillo In Illinois

If you happen to discover an armadillo in Illinois, especially in the central and northern parts of the state, please contact the Illinois Department Of Natural Resources, HERE.

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