If you have a landline phone in Illinois, you will be able to keep it for now.

My Mom called me the other day panicking. She was freaking out because she received a letter from the phone company, that said she was going to be losing her landline phone.

According to chicagotribune.com,

 "Bill to end traditional landline phone service in Illinois is now the law of the land."

I know what you're thinking, who has a landline anymore? You would be surprised.

"There are still 1.2 million landline customers in Illinois."

My parents are part of that group. It's funny because their landline is very basic with no special features. They don't even have long distance service on it. Plus, they are always complaining that the only calls they get are from telemarketers.

I ask them why they keep it. Their answer is because you need a landline. I guess it's a generation thing. I reply by saying, but you have two cell phones.

Then they admit, we don't want to lose the number. That number is older than me. I explain that you can transfer it to a cell phone, but they still refuse to give it up.

There is good news for landline service subscribers.

According to wgntv.com,

“It’s important for our Illinois customers to know that traditional landline phone service from AT&T is not going away anytime soon.” 

My mom can stop worrying for at least the time being. It makes life easier for me because I won't have to try and explain to her how to get a phone line through cable TV.

“AT&T still must get final Federal Communications Commission approval to end traditional home phone service, which can take a few years."

There is a good reason to not get rid of them.

"We think that will hurt people, particularly seniors and those with medical conditions and depend on a landline."

I canceled my landline several years ago.

Do you still have one or know somebody that does?

What's the reason for keeping it?


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