Hawthorn Mall in Vernon Hills, just about an hour and half from Rockford, has an indoor ice skating rink.

Wouldn't it be cool if CherryVale had one too?

This indoor ice skating rink isn't like the traditional indoor rinks. You know the kind where you still need to bundle up when going out on the ice.

According to WGN this synthetic ice rink has the same consistency of being on ice but it's "made of synthetic materials infused with special oils that give the surface the same glide and feel of a real ice rink."

Cool. You can wear regular ice skates and not have to wear your coat, hat and gloves when going out on it. Now that's pretty cool.

This special rink was dreamed up by and made from a father and his sons who loved hockey. They created this synthetic ice rink and decided to open a store called the Skate Room inside the Hawthorn Mall in Vernon Hills.

Check out their Facebook post:

To see the skate rentals, schedules and more visit their website: www.skateroom.net

Wow! I think that's pretty neat. In my opinion, CherryVale could use something like this. Do you agree?







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