Near Rockford, outdoor ice skating rinks.

Just like in the summertime, we are going to be looking for things to do away from our homes. Those activities will involve being outside. Since the weather is completely different in the other direction, that opens the door for a whole new set of fun events.

One winter sport I wish I would have picked up back in the day is ice skating. It just never clicked for me. I had tried several times but unfortunately, it never worked out. I have a couple of theories why it did not.

My parents would not buy me a nice new pair of skates. I do not blame them because they were pretty expensive for something I would only use a couple of times. So I always had "garage sale" skates. They were used, worn out, and never fit correctly. Skating will already give you sore feet starting out but try learning on old ones. It is not fun.

Also, all the skating I did was outdoors, so I was fighting the elements. Cold, wind, and snow made it a little more difficult. They were usually ponds and there was no Zamboni to clear and smooth off the ice. Not ideal for your feet while trying to learn

If you enjoy skating, especially outside. Our area is a good place to do it because of the climate. There are plenty of outdoor rinks. Here are some to check out near Rockford.

  • "Eclipse Lagoon at Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens (Rockford) The lagoon is open for ice skating and ice hockey when the ice is 4-6 inches thick." INFO

  • "Riverside Ice Arena at Doty Park (Belvidere) If you have a young skater in your family, you can rent Bobby the Seal to help them learn how to skate." INFO

  • "Edwards Ice Arena / Tefler Pavilion (Beloit) Ice Arena is an indoor/outdoor ice rink open October through March." INFO

  • "Skating Ribbon at Maggie Daley Park (Chicago) At a quarter-mile long, this unique venue looks like a lazy river of ice." INFO

  • "Dan Capuano Ice Rink (Evergreen Park) The rink is home to open skate for figure skaters and hockey." INFO

  • "Ice Skating in the Commons (New Lennox) The rink is synthetic, allowing for skating in all weather." INFO

  • "Parkway Bank Park (Rosemont) The courtyard of this entertainment district is transformed into an NHL-sized rink adorned with hundreds of twinkling lights." INFO

  • "Watts Center at Watts Park (Glencoe) Not one but two large outdoor lighted skating rinks with an adjacent sledding hill the kiddos will love." INFO

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