Would Rockford's Police Chief give himself a ticket?

Police Car

This story comes to us from Oklahoma and it's quite interesting.

According to RRSTAR Sperry, Oklahoma Police Chief Justin Burch gave himself a speeding ticket, but only after we was busted on video. O.K. so the big red flag on this one is obviously that he was CAUGHT ON VIDEO, and that is obviously why he wrote himself the ticket.

Chief Burch was traveling at a rate of speed between 75 and 80 miles an hour, was caught on video and wrote himself a $300 ticket. Sounds like his hand caught in the cookie jar and he just knew there was no way out of it, class guy. I guess he is paying the fine so that has to receive a golf clap.

I have met new Rockford Police Chief Dan O'Shea several times, just last Thursday night I ran into him again. Let's say this happened to Chief O'Shea, he gets caught speeding in Rockford. What do you think our new chief would do?

Personally, I think Dan is a quality dude. Cares a lot about Rockford and would pay up instantly. For the record I will be using this blog if I ever get pulled over for speeding.


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