Set your political views aside, this is just funny stuff. Scratch that, CRAZY.

Father Giving Daughter Piggyback Ride

Everyone has a view and has a right to their own opinion. While I applaud this woman's passion, lady you crazy.

According to Americas Freedom Fighters a woman that calls herself Red Ruby Scarlet, is on a mission to end Father's Day. No more ugly ties, no more handcrafted drawings from the youngsters, no more Father's Day.

To quote Red Ruby Scarlet:

“There are children who have a dad, who also have a grandfather, and also have an auntie and also have other kinds of relatives.

There are also a huge range of different family structures. So we have single-parent families, satellite families, extended families, lesbian and gay families.”

Her idea is to call it "Special Persons' Day" because it is not fair to those that do not have a father in their life. Interesting, so those without a "mother is their life"...what happens there?

Will this happen in Rockford or anywhere across the country, um no. First off, Hallmark and the people that sell the singing bass on a plaque would be pissed. Secondly, just no.


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