Employees in Rockford could be requesting fur-ternity leave from their employers in the future.

I remember when I was growing up, anytime we got a new puppy it was a lot of work.

It takes a while to train them. We didn't want to leave them home alone for too long because you couldn't quite trust them yet.

The hard part was when I was at school and my parents were at work. The poor puppy would be left for several hours.

When a baby is born, the mother is given paternity leave to get adjusted to the new member of the family.

Could there be something similar for people with new pets?

According to upi.com, there is.

"A Minneapolis marketing company is offering employees "fur-ternity leave," a week of work-from-home days to help new pets adjust."

Yes, it's actually a thing.

The company will give an employee with a new puppy or kitten a chance to work a flexible schedule from home for a week, so the pet can get settled into their new home.

This concept might seem rather strange, but it helped to improve employee satisfaction.

A happy employee is a good employee.

Maybe businesses in Rockford could give it a try.


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