Some people are packing away their Cutler Chicago Bears jersey, while others are burning them, but what about this woman? Is she moving on in a non-dramatic fashion and hoping to make a few bucks along the way?

Some upset football fans are finally moving on after the Miami Dolphins announced the signing of former Chicago Bear Jay Cutler. I was hoping for something for a great story about anger and disappointed toward the former Bears QB or something as simple as a "tossing it into a Rubbermaid bin and tossing into storage" situation, but it's not that either. What I thought would be a story about one woman's anger with Jay turned out to be much different. She's selling it because it's the wrong size.

Jay Cutler Jersey
Patricia K. Baker via Facebook Marketplace

When I asked Patricia why she was selling the jersey she told me it was simply the wrong size for the person she bought it for. I asked her if she was upset about Jay Cutler signing with Miami and she replied, "I don't follow sports." Looks like there's no love lost there.

Here is the $20 Jay Cutler Chicago Bears jersey being sold on Facebook Marketplace.

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