Before you laugh, which many people do, one woman is coming clean about her addiction to potato chips. 

I feel for Vera Alberding. She is addicted to potato chips.

Bag of Potato Chips
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Now when I first read the article on Cosmopolitan, I laughed. But then I thought about it and realized it is a serious issue she is battling.

Addiction is a very serious issue and Vera is aware that her drug of choice is potato chips.

She tells Munchies that her addiction first started when she was young, and saw a commercial for potato chips. It said something along the lines of "no one can eat just one," and that became extremely true for her.

She purchases bags of potato chips every day. She has set rules for herself, not allowing a potato chip to be eaten before 1 p.m. unless she is hungover. But even that hasn't stopped her.

She feels terrible if she goes a day without her potato chips. She has even ditched her boyfriend before just so she could get her potato chip fix.

She first realized she had a problem when...

I realized that my addiction got out of hand when I began to hide the empty bags. I felt like an alcoholic who empties a carton of juice to fill it with wine. Twelve years ago, I was forced to hide chips from my sisters and parents, and now I do the same with my roommates. I used to hide them in a drawer under the bed where I kept my diaries. Recently, I found out that all my sisters knew. I don't know what's worse: the fact that they read my diaries back then, or that they ate chips from my secret stash.

Vera didn't discuss if she would be getting help for her chip addiction, but I know I'll be rethinking that bag of cookies I have hidden in my desk drawer.

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