One-stop shopping for fans of magic is at this witchcraft store in Illinois.

I Did Not Realize Witches And Witchcraft Are Real

I have to be honest, I did not realize witches and witchcraft were real. I just thought it was something you read in books, watched on television, and saw on the big screen. Just part of the Halloween tradition.


I think it is how they are represented in the media. Of course, all of those types of witches and witchcraft are make-believe. In reality, they are not evil trying to hurt people. They use their potions and spells to actually help people.


Where Do Witches Go For Their Witchcraft Supplies

If you are an active witch practicing witchcraft, you can not go down to your local grocery store to pick up your supplies for potions and spells. The community library does not have a section of "magic how-to" books.


You are going to have to visit a special witchcraft store. Until now, I had no idea that they exist. Again, I just thought it was something made up for fairytales. Of course, I was wrong about that too.


Witches Go Shopping At Witchcraft Stores

To answer the question, where do witches get their witchcraft supplies? Well, at a witchcraft store. No, I did not just make that up. They are a real place of business. In fact, if you Google "witchcraft stores in Illinois," a bunch of locations come up.

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New Witchcraft Store Opens In Illinois

If you are interested in the world of witchcraft, a new store just opened up in Illinois. I think that might be a great place to start. It is called "Malliway Brothers." It is located at 1407 Morse Avenue in Chicago.

Video: Malliway Brothers

Details About Malliway Brothers Witchcraft Store

According to,

"So if you are looking for a new witchcraft store, occult shop, new age shop, or a place to shop for your various metaphysical supplies, and perhaps most importantly, a place to meet with others of a like mind, be sure to drop us a line, or better yet stop by for a visit if you're event in the Chicago area."

Video: Malliway Brothers

"The brothers offer a comprehensive menu of magical goods and services for Witches and Non-Witches alike."

"Through the Witches' Conclave, you can partake of a variety of magical workshops designed to help you find new, creative ways of making magic."

For more info, HERE.

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