A great reason to wake up early on a weekend is for the Donut and Coffee Festival in Wisconsin.

Donuts And Coffee Are The Ultimate Breakfast

When I was growing up, our neighbors owned a bakery so I lived on donuts for breakfast. In my opinion, they are the tastiest morning food. Of course, the perfect beverage to go along with that is coffee. Put them together and you get the ultimate meal.

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Milwaukee Is Home To Wisconsin's Donut And Coffee Festival

If you were to ask me, what city would make a good location to celebrate donuts and coffee,  I would immediately answer Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That is why I am excited about the Donut and Coffee Festival coming to Brew Town.

Valentyn Volkov

Details For Donut And Coffee Festival In Milwaukee

  • Sunday, May 1st
  • 9 am to 1 pm
  • Turner Hall Ballroom (1034 Vel R. Phillips Avenue in Milwaukee)
  • Family-friendly food fest
  • Featuring the best donuts, coffee, tea, other small bakery snacks, and roasters in the city.
  • Donut themed games
  • Donut photo ops
  • Donut eating contest
  • Hosted by Molly Snyder, the 2017 cream puff eating champ
  • VID (very important donut) packages are available
  • Alcohol will be served
  • Vendors
  • Tickets are on sale now, HERE

According to pabsttheatergroup.com,

"Spend your Sunday morning in the most delicious way!"


"Enjoy Donut & Coffee samples from area bakeries and baristas."


"Press Premium Hard Seltzer VIDs (Very Important Donuts) receive twelve sampling tickets, an extra hour of sampling, access to seating, a coffee mug, and one free Press Premium Hard Seltzer."

Fresh Donuts in the box

For more info, HERE.

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Fall seems to be the season most of us think we'll start exercising to lose the summer excess, but hold on, not so fast. You have to get a sack of donuts first.

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