Have the cheese scared out of you at the best haunted house in Wisconsin.

Quality Of Haunted Houses

I have been to many haunted houses in my lifetime. Of course, there are many different kinds. There are the cheesy ones that are more for kids. Then, you can go all the way to the other extreme that is so scary, you will experience nightmares for weeks after. Plus, there is everything in-between.

For me, I prefer the scarier the better. When it comes to a great haunted house, I have found that a long drive and wait in line is usually worth it. Once that fear takes over, it is a truly frightening experience. There is one I just found out about in Wisconsin that has been added to my Halloween bucket list.

Wisconsin's Scariest Haunted House

The scariest haunted house in Wisconsin is the "Burial Chamber" haunted house complex in Appleton.

According to the Burial Chamber Facebook page,

"Burial Chamber has four professional attractions at one location, including two massive indoor haunted houses (Adrenaline and Insanity), one huge outdoor haunted woods (Phobia), and a group Buried alive experience (Trapped)!"


"Rated one of the scariest screamparks in the US by Hauntworld Magazine, you're sure to have a great time when you're here!"

Details About Burial Chamber Haunted House

The Burial Chamber has four different haunted attractions on its complex. They include...

  • Trapped Buried Alive Experience
  • Adrenaline Haunted House
  • Insanity Haunted House
  • Phobia Haunted Woods

According to burialchamber.com,

"With over 100 actors nightly, and many different sets and scenes, you are sure to have a great time and create some lifelong memories!"

Award-Winning Haunted House

The Burial Chamber Haunted Complex has won many awards including...

  • Favorite Haunted House
  • Best Shock Factor
  • Wisconsin's Best Group of Actors
  • Most Notable Individual Actor
  • Favorite Costumes/Make-up
  • Favorite Individual Scene
  • Wisconsin's Most Improved Haunt House
  • Most Entertaining Wait Area/Line Entertainment
  • Best Sound / Music
  • Greatest Haunt Value
  • Favorite Family Haunt House
  • Most Unique Scare
  • Most Scares
  • Favorite Use of a Dark Maze
  • Favorite Individual Scene
  • Wisconsin's Favorite Sets/Props
  • Best Gross Out Scare
  • Most Unique Overall
  • Scary Use of a Dark Maze
  • Best Theme/Storyline

For more info and to purchase tickets, HERE.

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