This is one way to get back as your ex, wow. Is it worth it to be vengeful? Is it worth it to go through this much trouble? Now, it turns out this is very illegal, but creativity points to you Kari.

Now I warn you, this comes with a FELONY charge. SG

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Kari Heath wanted to get back at her ex-boyfriend, so she created a fake account on Craigslist AS her ex...Apparently looking for people that wanted to talk dirty...other men. The post she put up on Craigslist included photos of the ex-boyfriends, including some naughty ones...But wait, there's more!


She was posing as the ex-boyfriend and included in the Craigslist ad, HIS BUSINESS PHONE NUMBER! The listing was put in a category called "personal column, homosexual section." Then the phone started ringing at his place of employment...Oh boy.

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The ex-boyfriend upon receiving his first "dirty talk" phone call, was quite upset and called the cops instantly. It's pretty obvious that the ex knew that his former girlfriend was behind this mess, because eventually she admitted to it. Telling him that SHE set up the phony Craigslist profile.

Internet troll sending mean comment to picture on an imaginary social media website with smartphone.
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The gig is up crazy-pants, now you are apparently going to jail for your "prank" yikes. Kari won't be able to access the internet where she was sent because of what she did.

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