A traffic stop in Fond du Lac, Wi lead to other 6000 doses of lethal "red" Fentanyl. WeAre

Here is the word from the Fond du Lac, Wi Sheriff's Dept:

This weekend a K9 deputy conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle in the city of Fond du Lac and K9 Rip was deployed to conduct an open air sniff around the vehicle. Rip alerted on the vehicle and a search was conducted. Inside, deputies located a crack pipe and scale, crack, and one of the newest variations of fentanyl to this area, red fentanyl. Fond du Lac Sheriffs Dept

The driver was arrested on multiple drug charges, also it was found out soon after that the driver was out on parole for possession with intent to deliver cocaine...Oops.

They also searched the individual's home after the traffic stop. There was a total of 27 grams of crack cocaine and 12 grams of fentanyl found. That could equal over 6000 doses of this "red fentanyl."

Fond du Lac Sheriff's Dept
Fond du Lac Sheriff's Dept

So what's the deal with the illegal drug being red? Not much of an explanation could be found, but this was the comment from the Fond du Lac Sheriff's Department:

Drug dealers may make changes to the formula, type, or color of the illegal drugs they are trafficking over time, but we remain steadfast in our commitment to identify and hold accountable those who distribute these deadly substances in our community. - Fond du Lac Sheriff's Dept


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