There's a YouTube Channel called "Faces of the Forgotten." They do some serious work and exploring when it comes to famous and infamous people that have passed in Illinois. It's very interesting investigating and they have a knack for giving you a "ohhh, whoa..." moment or ten.

This channel recognizes people who have passed on long ago and are, as of today - mostly forgotten. Also featuring some graves and tombs of famous and infamous people and associated events. - Faces of the Forgotten

Faces of the Forgotten did some deep exploration of a mausoleum in Illinois. What did they come up with during this? The mausoleum was "possibly" created by the Illuminati.

I've watched my fair share of documentaries of Illuminati and their impact of society, it's crazy.

So for those of you not familiar with Illuminati...Here's what WIKI says about it:

The Illuminati is a group believed to be comprised of world leaders some hidden who use state powers to influence world affairs. - Wiki

Throughout this mausoleum, there are lots of the famous Masonic imagery. This is what you see with the Illuminati:

TSM Rockford
TSM Rockford

So let's take a look at this video, as Faces of the Forgotten tour this Illinois mausoleum that is located at Acacia Park Cemetery, Norridge, IL. This will help you understand the location:

In the late 1910s the Masonic Fraternity of Chicagoland decided to develop cemeteries that would be limited to Masons, members of the Eastern Star and their families. Street Lightfoot was hired to accomplish this because of his cemetery expertise and background in Masonry. Lightfoot developed the Acacia Park Cemetery on Chicago's north side, and the Cedar Park Cemetery on Chicago's far south side for the Masons. - FacesoftheForgotten


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