Lego themed bar is opening in Wisconsin town.

I'm a big fan of bars and restaurants with a theme. Places like Harry Carey's or the Hard Rock Cafe. All the memorabilia makes for a cool experience. I think the pop-up style places are a great idea too. Maybe a joint that's decorated like the set of your favorite TV show won't last for the long haul but for a short time, people will come to check it out for the novelty.

Growing up, I loved Legos. They were one of my favorite toys. I could spend hours building things with them. As a parent, I was always ready to jump in and enjoy them with my daughter. I was excited when they opened Lego Land in Schaumburg. We went to visit it a couple of times. I even watched the Lego reality show that was on a few months ago.

What if somebody could combine a couple of my favorite ideas together? That could be a cool place to hang out. Well, my dream is coming true.

According to,

"As it turns out, Legos aren't just for kids, because a new Lego bar and restaurant is coming to Wauwatosa and will operate as a play cafe during the day, and a bar at night. The owner said his business is inspired by how he bonded with his kids by playing with Lego. If you’re 18 months old, you can play with Lego, if you’re 80 years old, you can play with Lego, and it’s a place for everyone to … unwind, relax and escape 2020 if they can.”

Video: Comedian Steve Byrne Previews The Opening Act

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