A great new program idea for Rockford University could be a Lego Professor of Play.

Rockford University is an incredible asset to our community. It allows students in our area to further their education and become more valuable to Rockford.

The more programs and degrees that they can offer, the more people will be interested in going to school there.

More and more, students are looking for different alternatives to study. They don't want to simply be a teacher, an engineer, or an account.

I read about this new program on upi.com,

"Lego professor of play to teach and research the role of play in young children. Examining the importance of play in education."

Here are some good reasons for this new program.

The education program in Illinois is too focused on standardize tests.

Children aren't allowed to have fun at school anymore.

The Rockford High School Academy Program is a new way to educate, so it lends itself to other new ideas. 

There is a Lego Land just an hour away in Schaumburg that could support the project.

Who wouldn't want to study playing, especially with Legos.

I'm glad they are doing research on the role of play and education. That's why I think it would be great here in Rockford. Let's allow the kids to have fun in school again. It will be better for their education in the long run.

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