If you hate driving through intersection roundabouts then stay out of Wisconsin because they're everywhere.

Drivers In Rockford Are Not Fans Of Roundabouts

Even before the city build it at the corner of Auburn And North Main Streets, the residents were already complaining. Obviously, the hate crossed into how drivers navigate through those roads. The intersection is been perfectly nicknamed the "Rockford Wreck-It Roundabout" because of all the accidents. Citizens will purposely go way out of their way to avoid it. Are they really that bad or is it a Rockford thing?

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Wisconsin Loves Roundabout Intersections

I recently made a road trip up to Wisconsin. I guess I never really notice before but there are an outrageous amount of roundabouts in that state. It seems like they're everywhere. Apparently, the residents love them so much they put multiple roundabouts next to each other. I think my record was four in a row getting off of I-90 on the way to Madison. I could only imagine how the folks in Rockford would feel about that.

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Wisconsin Roundabouts

In fact, out of any place in the United States, Wisconsin has the most roundabouts that are part of a state highway system. There are five hundred of them. That's not even including the ones on just plain local roads. You know some goofball has driven through them all.

According to jsonline.com, 

Why Does Wisconsin Have So Many Roundabouts?

Bill has studied roundabouts for a decade and what she has found may surprise those who hate the traffic calming systems: the chances of being killed or maimed in a crash fall to almost zero in roundabouts compared with standard intersections.

“Overall, we see fatalities and serious injuries almost go down to nothing” in roundabouts, Bill said.

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In turn, there are more car accidents but they're minor. It's much better to have a vehicle that needs some bodywork over the driver being rushed to the hospital for an emergency. Plus, you don't have people trying to speed through yellow lights. Believe it or not, you're much safer with a roundabout.

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