This former Wisconsin mom, took her b.s. to Iowa...perhaps trying to be a two state mom of the year. SG

Natalee Kahl is known for her amazing parenting skills, check out this oldie but goodie...While living in Wisconsin, Natalee had vodka in a plastic bottle. She used this plastic bottle to mix up baby formula. The child became very ill and was rushed to the hospital. The babies blood alcohol level was a .284...FOUR TIMES THE LEGAL LIMIT.

She was quoted as saying to a local tv reporter:

“There's a lot that goes through your mind, like, ‘Oh, my baby is going to get taken away, or she could die.’” - Natalee Kahl

She was so worried that after moving to Iowa, she is in trouble with kid neglect once again. This time she left three young kids, home alone. It was 10pm at night and Natalee split. The kids couldn't figure out how to get a video to play on YouTube, so they called 911.

Cops arrived at the home where the three kids were by themselves, officers assume about 40 minutes alone or so. The cops weren't having this and Natalee was arrested on three counts of misdemeanor child endangerment. ALSO, officers found drug paraphernalia, including a pipe with some weed residue in it. She was arrested and taken to the Johnson County Jail and released the following morning.

Johnson County Jail
Johnson County Jail

Take a look at that mugshot folks, two time, two state, mother of the year....Natalee Kahl. Get the trophy presentation ready!

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