Back in 2002, a Wisconsin man missed his girlfriend a lot. So, he turned into a mega-creep and stalked her every move...and I mean EVERY move. SG

Paul Seidler was missing his girlfriend tons. She wanted nothing to do with him, and he had other ideas...So he put a GPS unit under the hood of her car....Dude didn't want to miss anything, and he really didn't. This whole thing went to an all new creepy level and Paul was charged with a variety of charges, including: stalking, burglary, disorderly conduct, and reckless endangerment. His former girlfriend, Connie Adams put up with a a lot of creepy ex-boyfriend stuff. Check this out...

Connie had a date. Knew that Paul was following her, and couldn't lose him. She ended up canceling the date out of fear. That's one incident.

On another occasion, Connie went to a gas station and Paul followed her there and then parked her in so she couldn't move her vehicle. He wouldn't let her leave until she helped him install something on his computer...Um ok.

On yet another day and time, Connie went to a bar and guess who followed her? Yep, Paul. He confronted her and eventually cops were called. The very next day, he was behind her on the road and tried to RUN HER OFF THE ROAD. How would Paul know her every move?

Paul put something called "Smart Track" on her car, and that whole "help me install something on my computer" was part of all this creepy following.

Found in Paul's truck was a cell phone, notebooks, details on hidden cameras, and passwords to Connie's email accounts. What a psycho.


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