This Wisconsin man was hammered at a famous Florida vacation spot, and tried to fight the cops when they broke up another fight. The Wisconsin man spit blood, kicked and BIT the police officer. WinkNews

Zachary Rigsby of Wisconsin was at Marco Island Florida, man that sounds good right about now! Some sun, drinks, sand, and a giant bar fight at 1am. Anyway, cops were making their 1am bar rounds to make sure nothing stupid was happening, and PLENTY of stupid was happening at the "Sand Bar."


A massive fight broke out, so law enforcement stepped in to take care of and control the situation. Our "Wisconsin Tough Guy" was attempting to fight a security a 1am...This never ends well, ever.

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Cops pulled Rigsby away from this fight to calm him down, and all that did was make him want to fight more...This time the cops! The officer pinned him to the ground and waited to assistance to cuff him. In the meantime, Rigsby threatened the cops and said he was going to kill their families, spit blood at the cops, bit one of them and kicked at them. Oh and asked for their badge numbers, for sur he was going to get them all fired.

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EMS showed up and risking having this nut ball in an ambulance, wasn't worth it...So they decided to stuff him in the back of the squad car and take him to the hospital. When Rigsby arrived at the hospital with the cops, he tried to fight the hospital workers as well.

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For his trouble and too many White Claws, Rigsby was charged with:

  • Four counts of battery on a law enforcement officer
  • Resisting
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Four counts of intimidating an officer through the threat of death
  • Four counts of intimidating the officer’s families through the threat of death


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