Oh how Wisconsin Green bay Packer fans, love their football. They wear cheese on their head, dress in green and gold, and use stun guns on their significant others to celebrate...or something. SG

With the NFL season off and running I though the timing was perfect to share to story even though it's a few years old. Seriously this story is "shockingly" good.

John Grant is a Chicago Bears fan, his wife Nicole is a Green Bay Packer fan, so they placed a bet on a game. The agreement was the losing team supporter will get a zapped with a stun gun for three seconds. In this game the Chicago Bears prevailed 27-20, so Nicole was to get to three second zap. After John let her have it, Nicole called the cops.

There was a video at one point that was taken down, where Nicole willingly stood while laughing with her hands in the air.

When cops asked her if the sun gun hurt:

"...it hurt like hell." - Nicole Grant

Cops then searched John's truck and of course they found a stun gun, several actually that he purchased at a truck stop. He was arrested for possession of an electric weapon , which is  a felony carrying a max of a six-year prison term.

Now both parties agreed to a sobriety test...both were drinking, what a shocker! Nicole was twice the legal limit, apparently not drunk enough if she still felt the shock.

Congrats you two.

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