If you want to get drunk, Wisconsin is the top state to do it.

They do a survey every year to find out the drunkest cities in America and Wisconsin always comes up big.

If you have ever spend anytime in Wisconsin, you understand what they are talking about. When you are under 21 and with your parents in a bar, you are allowed to drink.

Not to mention how many OWI's you are allowed to get. There are people who have double digits and still walking the streets.

There isn't a lot of things to do in Wisconsin that doesn't involve drinking. Fishing, hunting, camping, Badger games, Packer games, Brewer games, and summer festivals all involve partying.

According to 247wallst.com,

"Of the top 20 cities, half are in Wisconsin with 7 in the top ten."

"There are 3.1 bars for every 10,000 residents, more than double the nationwide average of 1.3."

"22.5% of adults drink excessively, well above the 18.0% American average."

The Wisconsin cities in the top 20 are...

1. Green Bay

2. Eau Claire

3. Appleton

4. Madison

6. Oshkosh

9. Wausau

10. La Crosse

12. Fond du Lac

15. Sheboygan

20. Milwaukee

So if you are looking to do some serious partying this upcoming Memorial Day Weekend, you may want to head up north. They seem to know what they are doing.

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