After banning shirts with pictures of guns on them, a high school in Wisconsin is sued by a couple of students.

When it comes to school dress codes, things have really changed since I was in high school. My friend's dad got called to bring him something different to wear because the back of his shirt said "Van Halen Kicks Ass." After he changed, the incident was forgotten about. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen anymore.

According to,

"Two students are suing their Wisconsin high school for banning T-shirts depicting guns, saying this violates their right to free speech. He's too young to own a gun but said he's a gun-rights supporter. That's why he owns a T-shirt that has a picture of an assault rifle printed on the front."

"When he was told he couldn't wear the shirt to school, his mother was confused. Just to have a picture to be a supporter of our gun rights and be a supporter of just legal ownership of guns, it was very upsetting. He continued to wear the shirt, and his mom received a letter from the school, which read, in part: "We do not allow students to wear clothes that depict guns (or alcohol, drugs, etc.) ... Moving forward, he cannot wear any items of clothing that depict guns. He hopes his lawsuit will allow him to wear the shirt again."

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