That pack of smokes ain't cheap! SMH.

Two New Berlin criminals were tracked down, because they are stupid, and they call the Waukesha County Jail home now. WISN

James Spoke and Timothy Nissen entered a New Berlin Citgo gas station with a sledgehammer. Busting the glass, making a huge mess. They climbed through the hole, and went right for the cash register. It's what else they stole that is, interesting.

James and Timothy thought it would be their lucky day and grabbed a whole bunch of lottery tickets...and cigarettes.

After this crime was committed, the two tried to cash in some of their winning lotto tickets up the road at another gas you think that was smart? Probably not.

Secondly, the vehicle they used to commit this crime...hmm. There was a sticker on this truck that read "Trinity." As in local "Trinity Construction." They seriously drove their work truck to the scene of the crime. The police contacts the folks at Trinity Construction and they said, yep that's out truck and yep, those are out guys. BUSTED.

The fellas made off with about $1,260 worth of cigarettes and lottery tickets...The security cameras caught it all. The sledgehammer, the cigarette stealing, the construction truck with logo, everything.

Turns out, both of these Wisconsin men have an extensive criminal background. Quite the shocker, huh?

"I'm super ecstatic that they were really dumb criminals; that makes me happy, there was just glass that went everywhere through the store; they created a huge mess. Everything was covered in little shards of glass and a lot of things had to be thrown out." - Sara Lemke/New Berlin Citgo gas station co-owner

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