This, is quick thinking officer of the law. In a second, this Wisconsin cop was able to stop the bleeding of some drunk dude that fell and banged his head on a metal door frame. SG

Eli Cousineau might have earned some amazing new nicknames from his buddies after what happened to him...I'll allow you to come up with your own while reading this story.


Eli was hammered and causing a disturbance at an apartment complex. While out stumbling around being a drunk loser, Eli tripped, fell, and busted open his head on a metal door frame, Ouch! He was busted open pretty good...Eventually he was taken to the hospital to receive five stitches above his left eyebrow. That damn Fireball, it will get you every time Eli!

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Cops arrived, dude is a bloody mess, what type of quick action did this officer take?

The female officer (Deputy Stacy Grobe) stated that her male partner:

"Utilized a Feminine Napkin to attempt to control the bleeding to Cousineau’s forehead.”

Now what this story is missing, is how and where did the male officer obtain such an item. This was quick work, so is this on the officers belt? Maybe he had one in his front pocket? This is a mystery that needs to be solved.

Arrested man in handcuffs with handcuffed hands behind back

So to review: Dude gets drunk, dude falls and hits head, and dude gets stitches...Prior to being taken to the hospital, dude had a Feminine Napkin placed on his head to stop the massive bleeding. Cop saved the day, the end.

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