It's break time; you've been waiting for this moment since you arrived at work only two short hours ago.

The minute you log out of your phone, you make a dash for the vending machine, only to realize that you don't have any cash or your debit card. Ugh. What do you do? Walk around asking people for spare change just so you can get a spike in your blood sugar to avoid the consequences or your hanger?

Ever forget your key fob for work and you were locked out of the building and you had to speak to four different departments in HR just to make sure you get clocked in and out on time?

Well, those days are about to be over, as long as your company takes notes from Three Square Market. According to KSTP-TV, the Wisconsin company is now offering it's employees microchip implants.

With the microchip they can purchase kiosk items, get in the front door and log into their computers.
Cool or creepy?

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