If you live in Wisconsin and want to live as long as possible, you should probably consider moving to this town.

Outside of a few cities in Iowa, there's nowhere better to live in the midwest if you want to live a long and fulfilling life.

There I go shilling again for Madison, but it's hard to dispute the evidence when 24/7 Tempo says the home of the University of Wisconsin is one of America's best cities to live in if you'd like to hang out on Earth longer than the average US citizen.

Alek Olson via Unsplash

According to 24/7 Tempo's research, the average Madison resident is expected to live to be nearly 82, with less than 13% of the population "reporting poor or fair health."

The obesity rate in Madison is the 44th lowest at 25.9%, the smoking rate is barely above 15%, and less than 4% of residents go without health insurance.


Life expectancy also factors in money. The average household income in Madison is just over $75,000 and the poverty rate is less than 9%.

Factor all those in, and you have a town where you can live nearly better than anywhere else in America.


Surprisingly, (or not so surprisingly) there wasn't one single town in Illinois listed in the top 50.

Not even one teeny tiny little place where you can expect to live longer than normal?

If you were looking for another reason to leave Illinois, I guess you got more evidence.

Lucky for us in Rockford though because Madison is only about an hour away. Any chance we can get some of that residual "life expectancy" down here?

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