Not being a bank robber, I'm guessing having EVERY step of your plan figured out is probably a good thing. What are you going to wear to hide your identity, a weapon, your getaway vehicle...Oh wait, there's that. Hmmm.... WBAY

Up in Green Bay, Wisconsin a man from "out of town" robbed a bank in Green Bay Wisconsin. This dude went to downtown Green Bay and robbed a Chase Bank which is across the street from...anybody??? The Green Bay Police Department. That, might have been the first problem, dude.

Cops show up and interview bank folks...He made off with $20,000 in cash after presenting a note. They got some pics from the Chase Bank security cameras. They got the word out in town that there was a bank robber on the loose and this is what he looks like. They contacted local businesses and for good measure the hotel down the street.

The folks at the hotel broke this one wide open. Not only have we seen this guy, but he's literally sitting in the lobby waiting for the bus. the dude that just robbed the Chase Bank in Green bay Wisconsin, across the street from the police station is down the street in the hotel lobby waiting for the bus. Holy crap I love smart criminals!

Cops walked in and without incident the dude gave himself up. No fuss, no fight, no running away...besides where was he going to run to? Maybe the donut shop next door where all the cops grab coffee? Man this guy, brilliant!

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