A Madison, Wi man was not happy to learn that a sex offender was planning on moving into his neighborhood. Russell Speigle, 50 was arrested and charged with the blaze. You can kinda tell that he was the dude that did it...Check this mugshot:

Dan County Sheriffs Dept
Dan County Sheriffs Dept

Dude got a little too close to the flames.

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There was a community meeting with the Dane County Sheriff's Department, about the sex offender moving into the area. Mr. Speigle made his voice heard at the meeting, and to a local newspaper saying he is "upset and on guard." On guard, with a can of gasoline apparently.

Mr. Speigle was transported to the hospital after his arrest, because of his burns. Russell spent the night in the hospital, being looked over by burn specialists. The following day when released, he was in jail.

There was an additional fire that was set to the property that the sex offender was scheduled to live in. The sex offender, Harold Nyberg was convicted in '94 of sexually assaulting a child. The home he was placed into was part of a "supervised" Wisconsin sex offenders program. He was listed as a "sexually violent" person, and that was enough for a pissed off neighbor to take things into his own hands. SG

Initially after being a "person of interest" and being interviewed by the cops, Mr. Speigle split town...well a warrant was issued for his arrest.

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