Tales of abuse have run rampant across the United States in the last few years but this story has to be one of the most disturbing I've ever heard. According to My Stateline.com, A Winnebago County couple, Christopher Williams and Kathryn Williams have been accused of attempting to kill and disfigure their children by putting them through medical treatments that the kids didn't need. They are also accused of taking advantage of charitable organizations to receive benefits like a free trip to Disney World and a new dog for the family.

Winnebago County Jail
Winnebago County Jail

The investigation began in August of this year after reports of child abuse surfaced by the DCFS. Some court documents stated that the couple reported false symptoms to medical staff to have procedures and treatments done that could have been fatal to the children. The whole indictment is 25 pages long and one of the instances stated that they confined their 11-year-old boy to a wheelchair when he didn't need it and it caused permanent damage to the child's ability to walk. The indictment went on to say that they also had medical procedures performed like feeding tubes, administration of drugs, catheters and even ileostomy bags.

They are also accused of scamming the Make-A-Wish Foundation. They were indicted and charged on Wednesday for attempted murder, aggravated domestic battery, reckless conduct, theft by deception and causing a child to be injured. They are currently being held in the Winnebago County jail on a million dollar bond.


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