When this package arrived in the mail today, it was like Christmas morning at 96.7 The Eagle.

My buddy Pete Evick has hooked me up with these rockin' candles, to give to you, from his company Shining Sol CLICK HERE

You may recognize Pete as Bret Michael's guitar player: (Nice Shirt)


Trust me, Pete is WAY more than "the guitar player for Bret Michaels". If Bret is the "Boss" Pete is the "brains" that makes it all go...and he makes some bad ass rock and roll candles!!!


We are going to give you the chance to stuff some stockings (I'd win one and keep it for myself, seriously) with these Shining Sol Candles:

  • Def Leppard x 2
  • KISS
  • Aerosmith
  • Warrant 

Personally, the Warrant "Cherry Pie" is my favorite...smells so good!

Check this out. These Shining Sol Candle are Eco-friendly, and they also support farmers in the heartland of America. The wax is made from soy farmed right here in the USA....and they rock!

Thanks Pete, Merry Christmas and see you in a few weeks. Rockford will enjoy these for sure!


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