During a concert in 1983 at the Rockford Metrocentre, Ozzy collapsed on stage, and here's why it really happened.

If Rock n Roll Lifestyle was listed in the dictionary, there would be a picture of Ozzy Osbourne. His nickname is The Prince Of Darkness if that tells you anything. He is infamous for his partying. It was all about the sex, drugs, and Rock n Roll. His stories are legendary. Osbourne is known for insane antics like biting the head off a bat and urinating on the Alamo.

Unfortunately, sometimes his craziness has affected his shows. For example, I was supposed to see him in concert down in Normal, Illinois when was I going to Illinois State University. The show was postponed several times. By the time it actually took place, I was already graduated not able to return to experience it.

Ozzy actually has a legendary story from a show he played in Rockford. On March 23, 1983, he was performing at the Rockford Metrocentre. At one point during the concert, Osbourne collapsed on stage. He was rushed to Swedish American Hospital to be treated.

I wasn't living in Rockford at the time, but ever since I've been in town I heard Ozzy had a heart attack on stage. With the help of the great Google machine, I've been able to do some research on that night. From what I've read, the story is The Prince of Darkness had suffered from severe chest pains during the show. They feared either heart or respiratory issues, so they rushed him to seek medical attention.

Coming up on January 31st is the 40th anniversary of the BMO Harris Bank Center, back then known as the Rockford Metrocentre. Since there can't be any sort of celebration, I thought it would be fun to honor our arena with a flashback to the history of the building. Thanks to LawnCare By Walter.

Of course, besides this Ozzy concert, I've also heard about the many legendary shows that were scheduled during the first few years the BMO was open. The man responsible is the original General Manager, Doug Logan. I had the opportunity to chat with Doug about the good old days. My mind was full of questions, but the one at the top of my list was "what really happened to Ozzy back in '83."

Here's what Logan told me...

Video: The Real Story Why Ozzy Collapsed On Stage In Rockford

If you don't have the couple of minutes to hear him tell the story, here are the Cliffnotes. Ozzy was experiencing voice issues during that tour. He had an off day before the Rockford show so he flew to New York City to see a doctor who specialized in helping vocalists with throat problems. He injected Osbourne's vocal cords with medication. Then instructed the singer to keep any talking or singing to a minimum and he should be good for the show in Rockford.

Oh yeah, there was also one other BIG rule. No matter what, do NOT drink any alcohol. Of course, as soon as Ozzy got to Rockford he busted open a bottle of booze. The injection reacted to the liquor causing the madman to collapse during the performance. I suggest listening to Doug Logan tell the story in our interview because he gives a lot more details.

While I was talking to him, he mentions a recording of the show floating around the bootleg world. Well, thanks to technology, it is now posted on YouTube. Check it out for yourself

Video: Ozzy Osbourne - Rockford, IL 03-22-1983 Complete Audio Concert

At one point in the recording, you can hear Mr. Logan address the crowd about the situation. His quick thinking prevents a riot of angry fans.

To check out more memories for the 40th Anniversary of the BMO Harris Bank Center...

Video: Full Interview with Doug Logan

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