This week back in 1982, Rock singer, Ozzy Osbourne, took a bite in Iowa he'll never forget.

Ozzy has quite the reputation of doing crazy things on and off the stage.

There are certain moments that have defined his career.

An incident on January 20th, 1982 in Des Moines, Iowa has to be in the running to top that list. That night during his show, Ozzy grabbed a bat that someone threw on the stage and bit the head off. In his defense, he was really messed up on drugs and thought it was rubber.

While playing a show in Rockford, Ozzy had another issue. Now grant it, not as well known as the biting the head off a bat, but still something very Ozzy like. On March 22nd, 1983 at the Rockford Metrocentre, the madman had to cut his concert short and be rushed to the hospital with chest pains. The legendary story is the Rocker had a heart attack, but that isn't confirmed.

I think nowadays Ozzy sticks with chicken or fish.

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