Rockford isn't Chicago for so many reasons other than the obvious, the name. One of the trials of living in the windy city is the traffic, it's absolutely crazy. Stop, go, stop, honk, go, honk, honk, stop, go, stop, repeat. Rockford doesn't have anything near the troubles of Chicago's traffic except for traffic lights.

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One problem Rockford does have, like many other big "small" cities (or is it small "big" cities?) are people speeding down stretches of roads.

I spent my childhood and high school days growing up in New Milford, a.k.a the south side of Rockford. We were near country roads galore. My brothers and their friends never went the speed limit down some of those roads. I don't think I even knew what a speed limit was before driver's ed at East High School. (That's where I had to take my driver's course.)

As a young driver, I stupidly sped along Rotary Road, Baxter Road, and Blackhawk Road. Then, as I got older, and a few speed tickets I didn't learn my lesson, I just "knew" where the cops hid. I'm not condoning to speeding, I'm just being honest with you.

I don't speed nearly as badly as I used to because I have kids and have to be "an adult." One thing I've noticed though is the speed of traffic along parts of Perryville Road. It's not the entire stretch that people treat like a road course. It seems like its between Guilford Road and 173, a.k.a. West Lane Road.

Rockford Illinois Police Department
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Why is this? Is it a "Rockford" thing? Are transplants the people actually following the posted speed limits along this area?

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