Is the next Jimi Hendrix, or Eddie Van Halen in the Rockford area?

Electric guitar on case with orange lighting.
Zoonar RF

That moment when you hear a guitar player just crushing it, goosebumps man. Whether it's a tiny club with 20 people or a festival with hundreds or thousands, nothing can electrify a crowd like an awesome guitar player.

Here is the deal, 96.7 The Eagle is looking for the Rockford area's favorite guitar player. It doesn't matter if they rock out or strum their six-string acoustic, we want to know about them.

Submit the name of your favorite Rockford area's guitar player below. Once we receive names, we will let you vote for your favorite and we can crown a king or queen.

Here are the requirements to be entered:

  • The guitar player must live within a 50 radius of Rockford.
  • He or she must be bad ass on the guitar

Here you go, tell us who you think is the Rockford Area's Favorite Guitar Player!

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