A hot summer day, and an ice cold beer...Sounds pretty good doesn't it? We need your help for this one, and it's a serious question that we can all debate about over and over, and then celebrate it in the end. There's so arguing, no picking sides, this one even comes with a "taste test." Everyone is a winner, and the beer will taste great!

So we want to know who you think has the COLDEST tap beer in Rockford.

So let's first get into the whole "cold tap beer" thing. There's like a science to this or something...KegWorks

The standard temperature range for draft beer in the United States is between 36 and 40 degrees (a bit above “ice cold”). But because you are working to eliminate issues and maintain a perfectly balanced system, it is recommended that you shoot for a target temperature of 38 degrees and not a range. Hitting a target temperature of 38 degrees allows draft systems to perform at their best for the different beers that may be on tap. This means you want the beer at 38 degrees from keg to the point of dispense. - KegWorks

"Recommended," oh c'mon...It's also "recommended" that you come to a complete stop at a Stop Sign. We want ice cold beer and we want it now.

So here are some Rockford tap beer choices for you. If your favorite "cold tap beer" isn't on the list, write yours in. Again, no arguing...this about bringing people together, and for a great reason. COLD BEER.


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