Which area Major League Baseball Team has the best stadium Brewers, Cubs, or White Sox?

Baseball fans in Rockford are pretty lucky. We may not have a Major League Team, but we have three within driving distance. They are Milwaukee Brewers, Chicago Cubs, and Chicago White Sox.

According to 12up.com,

"Hawk Harrelson, the famous broadcaster for that other team in the south side of Chicago, wants to see Wrigley Field replaced with a new stadium."

Of course, that got my mind working. Which of the teams close to Rockford has the best baseball stadium? There are pros and cons for all three. Let me take a look.

Milwaukee Brewers - Miller Park


  • Retractable Roof - You never have to worry about the weather.
  • Easy Access - Milwaukee is so much easier to get to than Chicago.
  • Tailgating - Big parking lot with plenty of room.
  • Sausage Races - Best in-game promo in all of baseball.
  • Tickets Available - Usually tickets available at the gate.


  • Losing Team - Brewers haven't had a lot of good seasons lately.
  • Empty Seats - Unless the Cubs are in town, lots of open spots.
  • Driving Home - Very good chance you'll need a designated driver.
  • Polka Music - At some point, it will be played.
  • Wisconsin - You have the cross the "Cheddar Curtain."

Chicago Cubs - Wrigley Field


  • Historic - It's a very special place.
  • Don't Drive - Plenty of public transportation.
  • Neighborhood - Tons of places to party.
  • Atmosphere - The fans are diehard and the bleachers rule.
  • Winning - They finally won the World Series.


  • Driving Sucks - Traffic and parking are horrible.
  • Outside - It can get really cold.
  • Bathrooms - The men have troughs.
  • Sell Outs - Tickets are hard to get and expensive.
  • Upgrades - They are working on it, but several still needed.

Chicago White Sox - Guaranteed Rate Field


  • Tailgating - Lots of parking and easy access off of I-90.
  • Good Food - The concession food is really good.
  • Updated Stadium - They made many changes for the good.
  • Tickets available - It's always pretty easy to get good tickets.
  • Fireworks - They shoot them off after homeruns.


  • Long Drive - From Rockford, you have to drive through Chicago.
  • Only Baseball - Not a good area, so get in & out quickly.
  • Bad Baseball - Team isn't good.
  • Empty Stadium - Hard to get fans to attend games.
  • Weather - Can get really cold.

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